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Border pharmacies in Nogales Sonora

Pharmacies in Nogales Sonora

Most pharmacies in the border shopping areas of Nogales Sonora can be seen right after crossing the border, in the plaza pictured above.

There are other pharmacies intermingled among the curio shops on Calle Campillo and on Avenida Obregon. Don't worry about missing them, there will be someone at each pharmacy to make sure that you are aware that it is there, and that it has the best deals in Nogales.

To view a list of Nogales, Mexico pharmacies by their locations in Nogales, click on a link below:


Otherwise, here are some of the more popular pharmacies in Nogales, Sonora:

Av. Obregon 258
(631) 312-5633

Campillo 57
(631) 312-8733

Casa Saba
Av. Obregon 209
(631) 313-5440

Comercial Tres en Uno
Campillo 73
(631) 312-4702

Farmacia FCD
Ignacio Pesquiera 42
(631) 312-9206

Farmacia Medix
Av. Obregon 185
(631) 312-5137

Farmacia San Andres
Ignacio Pesquiera 147
(631) 312-0236

Farmacias de Noroeste
Av. Obregon 244
(631) 312-9071

Mega Farmacias del Norte
Ignacio Pesquiera 6
(631) 312-9102

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